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Measurements in Feed and Forage

Laboratory, At-Line, and Online Analysis of Feed and Forage

Verum Analytics now provides the Blue Sun Line of Phoenix and Falcon feed and forage analyzers.   The next generation NIR analyzers offer rapid and precise analysis of many agricultural and food products.  The non-destructive method saves time and money and enables improvements in quality control.

The Blue Sun line of feed and forage analyzers are ideally suited for almost any solid sample.  If you are looking for analysis of liquid samples, see Verum Chemical analyzer.

Quality testing of Animal Feed, Forage, Pet Food, Flour, and Grains in seconds.

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The Phoenix and Falcon Analyzers – Powerful NIR Technology

The Phoenix and Falcon Feed, Pet Food, and Forage analyzers offers manufacturers fast, at-line, laboratory, and inline analysis to optimize production, minimize costs, improve safety and ensure they meets label requirements.
Using high resolution and high sensitivity NIR technology, the Phoenix delivers precise analysis of almost any feed and forage
  • Control moisture and quality for incoming ingredients
  • Test raw materials to optimize meal formulation
  • Improve safety by identifying micro ingredients
  • Verify quality of bin bottoms
  • Monitor moisture and fat in extruders and dryers
  • Produce a consistent product.
  • Ensure final product matches label requirements.
  • Test raw materials to optimize meal formulation

Contact Verum Analytics for pricing and more detailed information, or feel free to visit the Blue Sun website.

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