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LT Bus Software for DCS Communication

Integrate LT-NIR Into Plant Control Systems

Verum Analytics’ Process Analyzers can be easily integrated into existing plant control systems. Communicate with any Verum Analytics Near Infrared (NIR) analyzer with one of over 30 Modbus type protocols including the newest LAN capable Modbus and internet interfaces. Other protocols such as 4-20mA are available as well. The software can integrate LT-NIR into your DCS, PLC or LIMS allowing for better process knowledge and control provided by real time analytics. The system is software driven, built on a proven windows platform, eliminates expensive hardware, and is designed to provide the best price to performance value. The software allows for use by both the DCS and manual operation. No additional hardware is needed in either case. Each system includes Verum Analytics’ LTVista software and GRAMS Chemometrics modeling software, which work together to provide a complete software solution. Develop models on the instrument, then automate the same system via DCS to measure vital plant process parameters.

Key Benefits:
  • Software driven eliminating costly hardware
  • Easily configurable for any number of Standard Communications Protocols
  • Customized auto-sequencing available for standalone closed loop systems
  • Reports all instrument conditions, results, and maintenance routine values
  • Includes preventative and predictive maintenance software tools

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