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Applications in Fuel Refining and Biofuels

Petrochemical Refining, Fuels, and Crude Oil

Verum’s line of ParaFuel analyzers helps refineries, fuel and crude transporters, and down stream chemical plants save money though optimization of process controls and reduced laboratory costs. Verum’s line of LT analyzers have provided solutions throughout the refining process, from Crude Oil to Refined fuels. Please see the appropriate applications page:


Improve process control with online real-time analysis of incoming feedstock.  Sensors monitor the transesterification process for optimal performance, and determination of key properties in the finished biofuels. Fast in-process or laboratory analysis of biodiesel, ethanol, cellulosic ethanol, and synthetic diesel can help any size plant optimize its efficiency. Please see our applications pages for:

Algae Production

Online monitoring of the algae production process for biofuels and co-products provides maximum control of finished oil quality and optimization of process production capacity.  The ParaFuel Algae Analyzer offer online testing of quality parameters of Algae co-products in feed and nutraceutical markets.

Visit the Algae applications page to see more information.

BioGas, Butanol, and Bio-Oils

The ParaFuel BioFuel analyzer is well suited for 2nd generation biofuels and other new fuels and fuel processes.  The sensors detect the chemistry of the sample, allowing them to measure almost any product and cover a wide range of properties.  With probes and sensors suitable for installation into high temperature and high pressure processes, the ParaFuel can help you with your measurement. 

Measuring the quality parameters of BioGas, Butanol, and Bio-Oils in seconds, inline an in real time.  Or measure in the laboratory for fast, accurate, and easy analysis. 

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