Fermentation and Cell Culture

In Situ Microbial Fermentation Analysis and Mamamilian Cell Culture Analysis - for R&D and Mass Production

Verum Analytics Bioprocess analyzers are used in analyzing both R&D and mass production characteristics of microbial fermentation or mammalian cell culture based biopharmaceutical products. On-line monitoring of biopharmaceutical processes provides fast results and can be incorporated into the process control system.

Verum Analytics ApexBio pharmaceutical analyzers and bioreactor sensors provide measurement solutions throughout your entire process from inspection of Raw Material in receiving to final product testing. With a full line of online/in situ analyzers, process enclosures for any GMP environment, lab analyzers for testing of pharmaceuticals in the lab, and mixing/blending monitoring systems, Verum Analytics has the capability to provide your measurement solution at any stage of the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, and Bio-manufacturing process

The ApexBio Bioprocess Analyzer provide for a wide range of analysis, directly in the bioreactor, including:

NH4+ / Ammonia
PO4-3 / Phosphates
Viable Cell Density
L-Aspartic acid
L-Glutamic acid
…and more

If you don’t see your application on any of the following pages, please contact us with your specific needs and we will be glad to discuss your application with you.

The ApexBio and ApexPro Advantage in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

Biopharmaceutical production processes, including microbial fermentation and mammalian cell culture vary greatly with organisms behaving differently and metabolizing at varying rates. With in-process measurements you can monitor the key parameters and optimize the fermentation or cell culture processes.

The ApexBio Bioprocess Analyzer allows for rapid analysis of many different properties with one quick measurement. With so many different media in use for various bioprocesses, your needs might be different than those shown. Contact us with your specific needs and we would be glad to discuss an online or laboratory measurement solution with you.

Both Fermentation and Cell Culture processes in a closed vessel can benefit greatly from in-process or in situ chemical analysis. Whether you are working with small laboratory scale reactors or large scale production equipment, Verum’s NIR based analyzers can help make your processes more efficient and optimized. The ApexBio provides useful analysis for R&D, Scale-up, Process Development and full-scale production. Large-scale fermenters and bioreactors can hold as many as 250,000 gallons of raw material, which may be in process for hours or several weeks. The ApexBio Analyzer can monitor both the start up media and emerging product on-line, despite the thick, soupy nature of the material.

Get online measurements of Glucose, Glutamate, Acetate, Lactate, Ammonia, Cell Density, Product Titer/Protein, and much more with the ApexBio Analyzer. These properties and more can be measured In-Situ or in the lab. Do you have many fermentors/reaction vessels? Using Verum Analytics Optical Multiplexer, one analyzer can monitor up to 20 measurement points, sending all the valuable data to your process control system automatically.

In mass production the electrical power savings alone can provide payback for an NIR analyzer within a few months. Added product yield from improved process control can generate enormous payback, as well as reducing the occurrences of lost batches.

Paying too much for your laboratory analysis of your desired properties? The ApexBio metabolite analyzer provides a very low cost per measurement for many properties as well as analysis of other products. The analyzers are easy to use and provides results in seconds. Contact us and let us show you the benefits our Bioprocess measurement solutions can bring.


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Updating Technology

Verum Analytics is now offering its newest analyzer design, the Apex NIR platform, in place of the IsoPharm.  The Apex offers many advantages without any drawbacks.  We provide trade-in offers to help our customers benefit from the latest and best analyzers.  Contact us if you are ready to upgrade.

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