Algae Analyzer

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LT-NIR Algae Analyzer

A Full Range of Measurements from Lipid Production to Finished Oil Properties

Whether you are producing biofuels, feed, nutraceuticals, or bio-plastics, the IsoChem Algae Analyzer will provide quick, easy, and accurate analysis of your critical properties. The IsoChem comes in laboratory and online configurations.

It is suitable for analysis of Algae production in R&D, Scale Up, and Large Scale applications. Contact us for more details on what the IsoChem Algae measurement system can do for you.

  • R&D Scale - Use online algae process monitoring to get real-time results for better process understanding and faster development times. Track algae growth rates and lipid production profiles. Monitor nutrient consumption and Chlorophyll concentration in real time to optimize algae process conditions.
  • Scale Up - Automated online process monitoring provides details on process changes as they occur. Monitor variations between small scale and large scale behavior as it happens.
  • Production Scale - Online multi-channel systems allow for measurement of incoming materials, feed and growth rates, finished oil properties, and finished biomass properties, all with one analyzer, in real time.
  • Laboratory or Online analysis provides quick and easy measurements of raw materials, finished product, and everything in between. Thirty second analysis saves time, and the analyzer can be used by any level of operator. Automated online analysis sends algae process parameters directly back to the process controller for a real-time closed loop system. Contact Us for more information.

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