ParaFuel Crude Oil and Fuels Analyzers

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Fuel & Oil Analyzers

Key Parts of your Laboratory, Online and Process Control Program

The ParaFuel Class of analyzers provides key measurements of key chemical and physical properties in Crude Oil, Fuels, Biofuels and more. The ParaFuel is designed for operation in harsh, rugged environments and for continuous operation in industrial applications. With features such as multi-point measurement, online integration, remote operation and DCS communication, a ParaFuel system provide a complete analysis solution for your entire process. By using the analytical data in the plant’s control scheme, more intelligent and efficient processes are possible and the payback period is rapid. Click below on the ParaFuel system that meets your needs.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Asphaltene Analyzer - Determination the Asphaltene precipitation point of crude oil stock and blends. Quick, accurate and easy to use tool that is fully automated, allowing for single button operation, data-logging and clear result reporting.
  • Biodiesel Analyzer - Get ASTM D6751 and EN 14214 properties in seconds. Monitor transesterification reactions. Online analysis and laboratory analyzers available. Calibration support options available to give you confidence for the life of your analysis.
  • Ethanol Fuel Analyzer - In-situ/Online analysis of the fermentation process as well as easy to use finished product analysis and reporting. Improve efficiencies with real time in process analysis.
  • Crude Oil Analyzer - with a wide range of online hardware Verum Analytics has a solution for your Process Analytical Technology NIR applications. Optimize crude distillation units and crude blending, validate incoming crudes, rapid SARA characterization, C/H ratio, distillation temperatures, cloud, pour, flash points and more.
  • Fuel and Petrochemical Analyzer - Measure Octane Number, distillation points, RVP, viscosity, density, fuel blending and more.
  • Online Process Analysis includes the hardware, probes, sample conditioning systems, and software required for the complete integration of an automated process control tool.

Over the years we have successfully measured countless products in many different industries. If the application you’re interested in is not shown in the following pages, please Contact us with details of your particular needs. There are many different possible uses of ParaFuel systems, just a few are shown below.

  • Controlling octane giveaway in gasoline blending
  • Optimization of Crude Distillation Units
  • Physical property analysis of crudes and fuels
  • Controlling Oil and Fuel properties in blending applications
  • ASTM measurements of Gasoline, Diesel, Biodiesel and Ethanol fuels
  • Blending analysis of Biodiesel/Diesel (B5 or B20) and Ethanol/Gasoline (E85)
  • Improve Ethanol Fermentation
  • Petroleum fraction analysis
  • High temperature and pressure analysis
  • Incoming crude validation

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