Cellulosic Ethanol

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LT-NIR Analysis of Cellulosic Ethanol

From Feedstock to Final Product

The chemical composition of biomass feedstocks is a critical process parameter for cellulosic bioethanol producers. Analyze feedstocks, pretreatment, hydrolysis, fermentation and product quality with a single instrument. Determine lignin, cellulose and soluble fractions without time-consuming chemical assays. Measure the same properties online.

LT-NIR can save numerous hours of laboratory time by quickly determining the composition of biomass to be converted into ethanol or other value chemicals. Traditional methods typically involve chemical extraction, take hours and require extensive sample preparation.

Suitable for R&D Scale, Pilot Plant, or full scale production, the ParaFuel Laboratory or Process Analyzers provide measurements that are easy to take, accurate, and have no operator dependency. Ease of use allows for at-line analyzers to be used by any level of operator.

Measure Properties Such As:

Ethanol Purity
Acetic Acid
Lignocellulose Separation
Undissolved Solids

All these properties and more can be measured within seconds either online or in the lab with the ParaFuel Ethanol Analyzer. Whether you are producing biofuels, other co-products, or developing new cellulosic technologies, the Verum Analytics ParaFuel Ethanol Analyzer can provide quick analysis at all stages of the development and production cycle. The Analyzer can also measure properties of ethanol from other “traditional” sources.

Cellulosic Ethanol Process Measurements

Biofeedstocks can be analyzed in real-time, online using Verum Analytics NIR equipment. Determine the composition of feed stock entering the production process. Determine the extent of pretreatment on feed-stock chemical composition. Designing a more efficient process is possible with the information LT-NIR provides.

Verum Analytics Process Ethanol Analyzer is capable of being located in the production area, indoors or outdoor, and probes are placed directly into the process reaction or stream. Results are in real time and are provided directly to your DCS or process controller for continuous process control.

Utilizing Verum’s sequential multiplexer, one analyzer can measure up to 20 process measurement points, allowing you to measure feedstocks, hydrolysis, fermentation, and finished product all with one analyzer and one single tie-in to your control system

See more details about Process NIR Systems here

Total Biofuel Analysis Solutions

Verum Analytics provides comprehensive measurement solutions for biodiesel, bio-ethanol, algae biodiesel, biofuel blends and raw materials including vegetable oils, soybeans, corn and cellulosic feedstocks. Whether your measurement needs are for Research and Development or Process Analytics and Control, LT-NIR provides fast and simple measurement solution. Contact our team today to learn more about our biofuel measurement capabilities.

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