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Testing Quality Parameters in Diesel, Kerosene, and Jet Fuels

Laboratory, Online, and In-Process determination of Quality Parameters in Real-Time

Verum Analytics ParaFuel analyzer offer a complete solution for testing Diesel, Kerosene, and Jet Fuels.  Measure a full range of quality properties in seconds in the laboratory.  Online analyzers allow for real time control with measurements directly in the stream. 

Measuring Naphthalene and Flash Point in Fuel Streams

The ParaFuel NIR Analyzer provides measurements of Naphthalene and Flash Point in Jet Fuel Aviation Turbine Fuel streams.  Measurements correlate with ASTM D1840, ASTM D56, and others.

Verum Analytics online NIR analyzers include a high‐performance analyzer and measurement cells for inline/in-process integration, fiber cables capable of long‐range measurements, multi‐point monitoring, and integration of results with DCS.  Additional online implementations are available to suit process requirements. Verum can evaluate your process specifics and find the best options to help meet measurement and budgetary requirements.

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Measurement of Diesel and Kerosene Fuel Properties

Quality measurement of fuels involves measurement of key properties such as Cloud Point, Distillation points, Aromatics, Density and Cetane Number. Verum’s LT-NIR technique is ideally suited to monitor kerosene, diesel, and related fuel properties. The ParaFuel can measure several key properties in seconds all with a single scan. The ParaFuel analysis takes only a few seconds and can be performed by personnel with no laboratory experience or performed online and in-process.  Measurements listed below can all be provided in a single test, correlating with standard ASTM test methods such as ASTM D613, D7668, D5186, D975, D664 and many more.

Measurements in Diesel
Flashpoint C30C
Viscosity at 40C70C
5CResidual %
10Closs %

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