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A Total Process Measurement Solution for Pulp and Paper Mills

Online NIR monitoring provides real time process knowledge and enables control schemes which save energy, chemicals and money. The ApexPro Process Analyzer provides high value in-process measurements throughout the pulping and paper process. Whether you are building, expanding or in process improvement an Apex Analyzer can help meet your needs. Measure properties in tall oils, black, green and white liquor, pulp, bleach and paper products.

The ApexPro is ideally suited to monitor Kraft and other processes with measurements at the Digester, Recovery Boiler, Recausticizing Units, Lime Burner, Bleaching, Papermaking, Drying and Coating. Better control of these important process units can improve yield, reduce energy consumption, and increase profitability and quality.

Monitor Kraft Recovery, Pulp Bleaching, Papermaking and More

The ApexPro Process Analyzer offers a robust system for online monitoring of many critical process parameters. Monitor every step in Kraft Digestion and Recovery cycle with a single instrument. Whether you are looking for online monitoring or offline/laboratory analysis, the ApexPro will provide a full range of product properties with a simple, fast, and accurate measurement. Nearly all phases of the Kraft Process can be improved with Verum NIR technology. Kappa Number in pulp can be controlled via measurements at the digester. As black liquor is recycled, the analyzer provides measurements of critical process parameters which are used to optimize the recovery boiler, improve Causticizing Efficiency (CE) and lime burning.

Elsewhere in the process, the ApexPro can perform measurements on pulp bleaching, paper making slurry additives, paper moisture and coatings. These ensure that chemical usage is controlled and help improve final product quality.Contact us with your specific requirements. The ApexPro is capable of measuring critical properties of other manufacturing processes as well.

Sampling System – The Key to Accurate Measurements

Verum Analytics provides in process liquor sensors, process probes, flow cells, and non-contact probes that can stand up to strong acids and alkali’s and provide measurements in slurries, viscous solutions and paper surfaces. The Verum Analytics process measurement solution places probes/sensors directly at the process measurement point, with the analyzer located either centrally or remotely. High purity fiber optic cables can stretch over 500 meters and still provide highly accurate measurements.

Similar systems involve bringing samples to and from process units to a sampling skid. By measuring directly at the process unit, the ApexPro provides truly real-time measurements. Installation is greatly simplified and fouling/clogging problems are reduced. Cells can be easily integrated with a purge system. Apex and ApexPro solutions are application and process specific, ensuring the easiest and most accurate measurement possible.

Advantages of ApexPro NIR Online Pulp Process Monitoring

Verum Analytics ApexPro Process Analyzer offers many benefits:

  • Elimination of operator bias/influence
  • Reduced laboratory test load
  • Real time, accurate, automated measurements
  • Process control providing improved yield, lower energy usage, and increased profits
  • High resolution, remote measurement
  • 30 years of online process NIR experience

Contact Verum Analytics for more information regarding your specific project requirements.

Properties Measured

The Apex and ApexPro Analyzer provides In-line and laboratory determination of:

  • TTA (Total Titrateable Alkali)
  • Kappa Number
  • EA (Effective Alkali)
  • AA (Active Alkali)
  • TDS and TDD (Total Dissolved Solids and Deadload)
  • REA (Residual Effective Alkali)
  • TOM (Total Organic Matter)
  • Lignin
  • Reduction Efficiencies
  • Sodium Carbonate
  • Sulfidity
  • Chlorides, chlorates
  • Sulfuric and other strong acids
  • Lime Content
  • Causticizing Efficiency (CE)
  • Coating Weight
  • Bleaching Chemicals
  • Moisture on Paper
  • Cellulose
  • Hemicellulose
  • Wood Extract
  • Strong Acids
  • Moisture
  • Additives

    Measure Kraft Processes Directly In-Line For Optimized Process Control - Some examples:

    Measurements in Brown Stock and Black Liquor Washing processes

    Optimizing a pulp mill’s brown stock washing process is key to improving efficiency of the plant.  The Apex line of analyzers, used in the laboratory or on-line, can provide a complete breakdown of the washing process effectiveness.  Measure the % solids, Cellulose, Carbohydrates, and Lignin to get maximum process control.   And with measurement being taken directly in the process stream, process controls can be in real-time. 

    With real-time controls, your plant can optimize efficiency by minimizing water dilution and maximizing the solids recovery.  All at the minimum possible energy cost.  This type of efficiency can’t be achieved without real-time online monitoring. 


    Real-time Inline Monitoring of Clarified Green Liquor and White Liquor

    The measurement of Total Suspended Solids is used to control the Green Liquor Recovery and Clarification step.  Offline methods are time consuming and labor intensive. 

    The ApexPro analyzer provides an online monitoring of TSS and other key properties to help achieve peak efficiency of the process.  Measurements can be made directly at the sampling point for a very simple and robust sensor.  Get real time measurements with low maintenance requirements. 


    Determination of Acid, Chlorate, and Solids in ClO2 Chlorine Dioxide Generator

    In-Process measurement or laboratory testing with ApexPro monitors the key parameters of the Chlorine Dioxide Generator process.   Monitoring the chemistry directly in the process stream is possible with robust Titanium sensors.  In addition to increasing Chlorine Generator efficiency, inline analysis reduces manual sampling resulting in increased safety.  

    High Value Pulp and Paper Process Measurements

    The ApexPro NIR analyzer has numerous potential uses. In the pulp and paper industry some of the most sought include:

    • Monitor the Alkali profile at the Digester and control White Liquor effective alkali (EA)
    • Measure Kappa Number in pulp for feedback digester control and feed forward bleaching control
    • Control the addition of bleaching chemicals
    • Make the lime reburner more energy efficient by monitoring inlet and outlet moisture
    • Improve Causticizing Efficiency (CE) through monitoring the recaust process and controlling process variables
    • Measure moisture in paper and coating weight with non contact online probes

    The customizability of Verum Analytics’ NIR analyzers ensures that it is ready to meet unique process measurement requirements in challenging applications. Contact us for more information regarding your specific project requirements.

    Updating Technology

    Verum Analytics is now offering its newest analyzer design, the Apex NIR platform, in place of the IsoChem.  The Apex offers many advantages without any drawbacks.  We provide trade-in offers to help our customers benefit from the latest and best analyzers.  Contact us if you are ready to upgrade.

    Watch our short introductory video and see how we can help you with your measurement requirements.

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