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IsoPharm Analyzer - Throughout the Pharmaceutical and Biopharma Manufacturing Process

Whether in the laboratory, in-process/in-situ, or on the receiving- shipping docks, Verum Analytics offers solutions to your PAT, Biopharmaceutical, or Pharmaceutical measurement needs that can save you time and money.

Verums’ IsoPharm pharmaceutical analyzers provide measurement solutions throughout your entire process from inspection of Raw Material in receiving to final product testing. With a full line of online/in situ analyzers, process enclosures for any GMP environment, lab analyzers for testing of pharmaceuticals in the lab, and mixing/blending monitoring systems, Verum Analytics has the capability to provide your measurement solution at any stage of the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, and Bio-manufacturing process

The IsoPharm series of Pharmaceutical Analyzers provide for a wide range of analysis such as:

  • Raw Material ID
  • Incoming Material Analysis
  • In-process Process Analytical Techniques (PAT)
  • Finished product quality testing
  • Pharmaceutical mixing determination
  • For R&D, product development, and large scale manufacturing

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Raw Material ID and Quality Analysis

Quickly and easily test 100% of your incoming products to insure correct labeling and product qualification. Inspect every container, super sack, and drum quickly an accurately. Analyzer for concentration of active ingredient, properties related to product workability such as moisture, and for grade identification.

Biopharmaceutical and Biomanufacturing

The IsoPharm can be used for cell culture and bacterial fermentation processes for monitoring of start-up media quality, nutrient levels, and many other process condition parameters such as viable cell density, titer, glucose, and more. Optical probes can be mounted directly in the bioreactor for rapid, in situ process monitoring.

PAT (process analytical technology) analyzers for improved manufacturing performance

Inline, In process, and In-situ analysis allows for tighter manufacturing controls resulting in better product, increased yields, and using PAT practices, faster release of product to the next stage of production.

See more details about Process NIR Systems here

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