Mix Detection

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New name, new developments, building on 40 years of analytical knowledge.

Mix Detection for Spice, Seasoning and Flavor Industries

Accurate, Online Determination of Blend Homogeneity

Our Process NIR Series of analyzers combines analytical power and intelligence with ease of use in an integrated systems package. The Analyzers are supported by the full line of Fiber Line NIR probes, flow-through cells, fiber optics and other sampling accessories. Verum Analytics will also design custom sampling accessories to answer the specific needs of your applications.

In the Blended Spices, Seasoning, and Flavor industries good product mixing is critical to the products quality and performance. Inconsistent flavor, color, or other critical properties create problems for your customers and for you. Insure product is mixed, but save time by knowing exactly when the mix is completed.

Make Sure the Right Materials Get Used and Your Finished Product is in Spec!

Key Benefits:

  • Real Time Analysis of the Degree of Mixture - know when the batch mix is completed, saving processing time and reducing quality issues.
  • Rapid Return on Investment - On-Line measurement offers increased production yield, reduced waste and improved quality control. In addition, lower maintenance is required by Verum Analytics’ rugged NIR technology.
  • Reduced lab work and elimination of expensive tests, lowering Lab costs and even reducing staffing needs.
  • Rugged NIR technology is suitable for rolling around the receiving dock or the production area, as well as sitting in the laboratory.
  • Fiber optic technology and optical multiplexing allows for one analyzer to measure many points in the process.
  • LT process analyzers can communicate with your Distributed Control System, PLC’s, networks, or other hardware through our customized automation software package.

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