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LT-NIR Analysis of Spices, Seasonings, and Flavors

Online and Laboratory Analysis of Key Properties in Seconds

In the production of Spices, Seasonings, and Flavors analysis of key properties, homogeneity of mix, and control of raw materials can provide improved product quality. This can provide stability in resulting flavor and improve productivity.

The IsoChem Near Infrared analyzer provides for both online and laboratory analysis of many properties in the Spices, Seasoning, and Flavors production process. Contact us for more details on what the IsoChem can do for you.

Raw Material Inspection

Fast and accurate determination of incoming raw materials. Achieve 100% incoming inspection on materials directly at the receiving dock, in the lab, or in the production area. Also accurately measure raw material properties such as moisture, purity, volatile and aromatic oil content, and other functional characteristics.

Spice Blend and Finished Product Analysis

Ensure finished product is blended correctly and within specification. Measure products for critical parameters that effect flavor and processing compatibility such as moisture and oil content.

Mixing and Blending Detection

Determine the degree of mixture and know with precision when the product is homogenous with the IsoChem MDA. Monitoring completion of mix homogeneity in your Spices, Seasonings, and Flavors can save you hours of processing time, increasing mixing through-put, and insure even and homogeneous product throughout a batch.

Laboratory Measurements Made Easy

Quick and easy NIR measurement of critical parameters in both raw materials and finished products will provide a better product shipped to your customers. Thirty second analysis can be performed in the production area or in the laboratory, saving time and increasing product quality.

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