ApexBio Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Analyzers

ApexBio - Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Analyzers

Rapid, In situ Chemical Analysis

ApexBio Analyzers from Verum Analytics are small, rugged analyzers designed for use in chemical production plants and R&D laboratories. They can be used for both laboratory and online measurement in a variety of high value applications. Product quality is crucial in all industries, but this is especially true for the pharmaceutical industry. The Verums’ Near Infrared (NIR) analyzer provides measurement results in seconds, in the lab, on-line, and in-process.

In situ bioreactor sensors measure glucose, lactate, optical density, dry cell weight, and many other metabolites.  Laboratory analyzers for benchtop analysis is pharmaceutical products are available withe sensors/probes for measuring tablets, powders, and any phase product you need to test.

The Verum Analytics ApexBio spectrometer can help meet your measurement needs:

  • Measure Microbial Fermentation properties for increased process control in small scale or manufacturing scale fermentor vessels. Probes are CIP and Autoclavable and the multiplexer allows for monitoring up to 20 vessels with one analyzer.
  • In situ analysis of Mammalian Cell Culture reactions allows for the real-time monitoring of important parameters to insure your process stays in control during long reaction runs.
  • Raw Material Identification is made simple with easy to use software. The analyzer is robust and suitable for moving around the warehouse. Full spectrum capabilities provide for material inspection capabilities to suit any need.
  • With a wide range of online hardware Verum Analytics has a solution for your Process Analytical Technology (PAT) NIR applications.
  • DQ-IQ-OQ-PQ validation packages available.

Updating Technology

Verum Analytics is now offering its newest analyzer design, the Apex NIR platform, in place of the IsoPharm.  The Apex offers many advantages without any drawbacks.  We provide trade-in offers to help our customers benefit from the latest and best analyzers.  Contact us if you are ready to upgrade.

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