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Since 1981, LT Industries has been known consistently as an innovator in the field of Near Infrared (NIR) analysis.   Now LT Industries is Verum Analytics. 

Over the past 39+ years, Verum Analytics has become experienced in the manufacture of process and laboratory analyzers for the oil, fuel, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, polymer and chemical industries. The company’s analyzers, probes, fiber optics and software are part of a complete analysis solution that is tailored to customers’ specific measurement needs.

Today, Verum continues to supply its markets with powerful, market-specific analyzers under the Verum Analytics banner.  LTI and Verum together continue to develop new technologies and new applications solving the most challenging measurement requirements for our customers.

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Early in our history, the company gained the confidence of 3M Corporation, which commissioned LT Industries to design and build a variety of unique process-adapted analysis systems. The development of its comprehensive PetroScan™ gasoline refining and blending monitors led Texaco Corporation to appoint LTI as its preferred vendor for NIR fuel production monitoring systems. Numerous other blue chip manufacturers in nearly all industries followed, relying on LT-NIR’s ability to deliver fast, accurate results in a variety of situations. Today, LTI continues to supply its markets with powerful, market-specific analyzers.

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LT Industries has always built elegantly simple, rugged NIR spectrometers. These instruments have extended MTBF ratings because they are designed with specifications in excess of duty demands. LTI also designs and produces sampling probes, cells and devices which exactly match specific applications and industry needs. As a result, the company has earned numerous patents for advances in optical interfaces with chemical samples — often in exceedingly hostile environments. LT Industries excels in performing challenging analysis in demanding conditions.

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LT Industries has also consistently developes application-related user interfaces which “tailor” the program to the specific operating and reporting needs of the end user. The customization of both hardware and software to suit industry, client and project needs is a key core competency of LT Industries. NIR spectroscopy is a computer-intensive technique: computers drive the instruments, control the sampling and most importantly calculate the statistical parameters and inputs which make the technique work. Each LT-NIR spectrometer comes with some of the most sophisticated software on the market. LT Industries leads the way in putting powerful analysis behind an easy to use interface.

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