LT Industries is now Verum Analytics

New name, new developments, building on 40 years of analytical knowledge.

Verum Analytics Sampling Accessories

Enabling Measurement Versatility and Accuracy

Verum Analytics provides a variety of sampling tools for liquids, solids and slurries, online and in the lab. Be it Petroleum blending, hazardous materials, liquids, powders, slurries, corrosive agents, or tiny quantities of pharmaceuticals at very low temperatures Verum can meet your sample needs. Below is a listing of many of the standard sampling tools Verum has available. Contact Us for more information on your exact measurement needs.

Process Flow Cells

  • Flow-Through-Cell (FTC) - These cells have a tiny footprint and are able to provide high resolution online transmission measurements.
  • Absolute Reference Cell (ARCell) - Patented Verum Analytics technology allows for the most accurate online measurements possible.


Flanged Transmission Probes
Available for measurement in almost any size pipe or tubing.
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Process Probes

  • Transflectance probe - Mounted either directly in process or on a side stream, with high energy bubble shedding technology designed to measure liquid streams. Transflectance probes provide a simple measurement solution with minimal process modifications.
  • Transmittance probe - Mounted either directly in process, on a side stream, or spanning a conveyor or film roll system. These probes provide high resolution measurements of both liquid and solid samples due to their high energy throughput.
  • Reflectance probe - For measurements of solids, powders, chips, pellets, films and other products in a conveyor, on a roll or a similar environment.  Reflectance measurements can be non-contact.     

Process Options

  • Flanged (DIN or ANSI), Threaded (NPT or BSP), or Ingold connections
  • High temperature and pressure
  • Retractable (Automatic or manual) for easy cleaning
  • Teflon, Hastelloy of other chemically resistant material
  • CIP, SIP or Autoclavable

Laboratory Solutions

  • Bubble Shedding Transflectance Probe
  • Reflectance Probe
  • Laboratory Flow Cell
  • Laboratory AR Cell
  • Reflectance Sample Cup for Solids
  • Curvette Sampler
  • Bulk Sampler with Sample Averaging

Fiber Optics

All LT-NIR Spectrometers come with high energy fiber optics. The
special multibundle silica core allows for maximal energy transmission,
even over long distances. This technology has been utilized by large
industrial facilities across the world to measure process points far
away from the analyzer. When combined with an optical multiplexer and
LTBus integration software, large industrial processes can be
continuously monitored and controlled.

Watch our short introductory video and see how we can help you with your measurement requirements.

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