Asphaltene Precipitation

Asphaltene Precipitation and Crude Oil Stability Analysis

Measure the Crude Oil Compatibility

The Apex FG-100 Asphaltene Analyzer provides critical measurement for the determination of crude oil compatibility to optimize blends. The Apex FG-100 Asphaltene Analyzer can help you determine if Asphaltene Precipitation will occur when two crude oil stocks are blended together.  With this information, the blend ratios can be controlled to ensure optimum processing conditions and to control/reduce the usage of more expensive crude oils.

Asphaltene precipitation can lead to downtime and expensive cleaning. They can restrict flow, clog wells and foul heat exchangers.  Deposition of asphaltenes and waxes can mean expensive cleaning or replacement, as well as the associated stoppage in production. The Apex FG-100 Analyzer provides information on the conditions where asphaltene precipitates, which can lead to a more successful operation. The best treatment is prevention, and the prevention of precipitation is easy with the Apex FG-100 Crude Oil Analyzer. Since oil properties can vary from formation to formation, there is no substitute for direct knowledge of asphaltene precipitation behavior. Verum Analytics provides the tools to determine the stability of oils quickly and easily.

The onset of solvent induced flocculation is easily measured with the Apex FG-100 Asphaltene Analyzer. Determine crude oil compatibility parameters, such as peptizing power and flocculation ratios with the help of the Apex FG-100.

Traditional methods are time consuming and complex. Apex FG-100 Asphaltene Analyzers make the analysis quick and easy, providing results in minutes in the laboratory or the field .

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Find the Onset of Solvent Induced Flocculation and the Precipitation Envelope

The Apex FG-100 Crude Oil Analyzer will monitor the aggregation of asphaltenes as a solvent is added to a crude oil sample. Simply place the sensor into the sample and hit “Enter.” The analysis is automated and the test provides a fast and easy determination of the solvent-induced precipitation point. Use this information to calculate key oil stability parameters.

Asphaltene precipitation can change depending on crude temperature and pressure, as well as solvent addition or blending operations. The versatility of the Asphaltene Analyzer allows for all of these parameters to be measured, and can provide a more complete picture of Asphaltene and Crude Oil chemistry.

Gaining an accurate understanding of the asphaltene precipitation envelope is key to avoiding asphaltene precipitation and deposition. With Verum Analyzers, measurements are not only accurate, but fast and simple. Each test gives a clear visual display of the testing process, test results, and the measured point of precipitation. All results are logged for archival purposes and easy retrieval.

Real-Time Online Monitoring

Real Time monitoring of Crude Oil Properties on-line allows for instant knowledge of the processing conditions. Verum analyzers can be easily integrated into your existing control system, allowing operators to monitor and/or control the process conditions for optimized efficiency, reduced of down time, and a host of other cost and control advantages. ProVBus software from Verum Analytics allows the Apex FG-100 Analyzer to be integrated into your DCS, PLC or other computer system via Modbus, 4-20mA or other protocols.

Online analysis is made easy with a wide range of crude oil sensors, probes, and cells, including units designed for high pressures and temperatures. With over 30 years of experience doing on-line analysis in harsh environments and on challenging products, Verum Analytics has a full line of process capable analyzers and accessories to meet your needs.

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