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Parafuel Analyzers Measure Oil Sands Composition

Fast, accurate analysis in the field, online or in the laboratory

The rising cost of crude prices has led an increase in extracting “non-traditional” plays such as oil sands mining. The Bitumen found in Oil Sands can be either blended into crudes or upgraded through extensive processing. Compositional analysis of Oil Sands is a critical part in a financially successful bitumen mining operation.

The ParaFuel Oil Sands Analyzer was developed to meet these analysis needs. This new addition to the ParaFuel Family is configured to measure composition and other key properties from grab samples, cores or in-process at an upgrading facility.

Knowing the ratio of Bitumen to water and solids helps to determine which formations are profitable. It also helps optimize the upgrading process. The ParaFuel Analyzer can quickly measure composition of oil sands samples. Analysis takes seconds, a huge savings compared to laboratory assays. Furthermore, the analysis can be implemented online to adjust process conditions in real time.

Measure properties in core samples, ground samples, oil/sand mixture, or extracted oils.  The ParaFuel Analyzer makes the analysis in any form quick and easy, providing results in seconds.

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Measure Oil Sands Composition and Properties

The ParaFuel Crude Oil Analyzer will provide a wide range of sample constituents and properties of interest to the Oil Sands Processing Industry.

  • Bitumen in Oil Sand
  • Moisture in Oil Sand
  • Kinematic Viscosity in oil
  • Flashpoint in oil
  • % Solids in Oil

See our page under Crude Oil for an extended listing of properties in Crude Oil.

Online Measurements of Oil Sands

Real Time online monitoring allows for instant knowledge of the sample conditions. In bitumen extraction and upgrading, knowledge of composition translates into more efficient separations and processing. Monitor and/or control the process conditions for optimized efficiency, reduced of down time, and a host of other cost and control advantages. Large scale operations can benefit tremendously from the energy savings alone. Online measurements can be either in core samples or at processing facilities.

Online analysis is made easy with a wide range of probes and cells. Probes can be self-cleaning or non-contact, allowing for a completely automated solution. With over 40 years of experience doing online analysis in harsh environments and on challenging products, Verum Analytics has a full line of process capable analyzers and accessories to meet your needs.

Contact us for more details on what the ParaFuel Crude Oil Analyzer can do for you.

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