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Online Measurement of Gasoline Properties

Real-Time Inline Control of Octane Give-Away - Octane and RVP Monitoring

Online measurement of Octane, RVP (reid vapor pressure) and other quality parameters allows for optimizing fuel blending in real time.   Using the ParaFuel to accurate control these properties a refinery can save millions in a year.  Accurate, fast, and robust, the ParaFuel is an ideal solution for determination of and control of fuel blending.

Verum’s On-line ParaFuel NIR Analyzer offers direct measurement of gasoline properties on-line, without any sample preparation, while maintaining high accuracy. Additionally, the system can integrate directly into plant control systems via a choice of several communication protocols.   The analyzer also boasts up to 20 channels on a single analyzer, so you can monitor many process points with the lowest overall cost.

In addition to RVP and Octane, the ParaFuel provides determination of many quality parameters in fuels.  These measurements all correlate to ASTM methods such as ASTM D2699, D2700, D4953, D5845, D7754, and many others.  Contact us with details of your measurement requirements.

ParaFuel Measurements in Gasoline

RONDistillation  o C IBP
MONDistillation  o C 10%
RVP, kPaDistillation  o C 30%
Aromatics content, v%Distillation  o C 50%
Benzene content, v%Distillation  o C 70%
MTBE content, v%Distillation  o C 90%
Olefins content, v%Distillation  o C EP
Specific GravityDistillation E70, %
ColorDistillation E100, %
Butane %Distillation E150, %

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