BioFuels Quality Monitoring

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Measurements in BioFuels

Complete BioFuel Monitoring

Whether you are a BioDiesel or Ethanol manufacturer, a blending facility, or a testing agency enforcing regulations, measuring properties of BioFuels quickly and accurately is critical. On-Line analysis provides real-time determination of key properties to control the process and maximize
performance and profits. Laboratory analyzers allow for fast and accurate measurements without the need for any wet chemistry. No matter where in the BioFuel industry you are, LT-NIR ParaFuelTM Analyzer can help you do your job more effectively.

A New Level of Analysis Online

The ParaFuel Biodiesel and Ethanol Analyzers measure key chemical and physical properties
rapidly and accurately. Process analyzers reduce lab expenses and increase your ability to
control the process.

Biodiesel Analysis
The ParaFuel Biodiesel analyzer provides a very low cost per measurement for ASTM D6751 and EN14214 listed properties as well as many other Biodiesel quality parameters. The analyzers are easy to use and provides results in seconds. Contact us and let us show you the benefits our Biodiesel measurement solutions can bring.  See detailed measurements in Biodiesel.

Ethanol BioFuel
Get quick and easy measurements of your ASTM D 4806 Fuel Ethanol Properties. LT-NIR analysis of Ethanol takes only seconds. Whether you need an online ethanol analyzer or a bench-top analyzer, Verum Analytics has the solution. See detailed measurements in Ethanol.

Cellulosic Ethanol
The chemical composition of biomass feedstocks is a critical process parameter for cellulosic bioethanol producers. Analyze feedstocks, pretreatment, hydrolysis, fermentation and product quality with a single instrument. Determine lignin, cellulose and soluble fractions without time-consuming chemical assays. Measure the same properties online. See detailed measurements in Cellulosic.

Algae Production
Save hours of laboratory time by quick determination of Algae properties in a fast simple analysis. Quantify the composition of biomass to be converted into ethanol or other value chemicals or measure algae growth properties online and in-process. Traditional methods typically involve chemical extraction, take hours and require extensive sample preparation.   See detailed measurements in Algae.

A Versatile Tool for BioFuel Processes

  • Monitor all your key properties in a single test that takes only seconds
  • A wide range of in-process probes and cells available for highly corrosive processes and high temperature applications.
  • Available in single channel, eight channel, or 20 channel versions so you can test feedstocks,    in-process reactions, finished product, recovered methanol, glycerin, and more – All with one analyzer.
  • Laboratory and Process analyzers are built on the same platform for consistency between lab and process measurements.

Watch our short introductory video and see how we can help you with your measurement requirements.

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