IsoPharm Pharmaceutical Analyzer

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IsoPharm - Pharmaceutical NIR Analyzers

Designed for Rapid QC and InSitu Process Monitoring

IsoPharm, Verum Analytics’ pharmaceutical NIR system is designed for pharmaceutical analysis needs in all areas. Whether you are looking for a fast way to achieve 100% raw material testing, analysis and control of bioreactor systems, rapid real time data for research or Process Analytical Technology (PAT) for full scale production, the IsoPharm can meet your needs. It’s small, fast and inexpensive spectrometer designed for high performance and configured for your applications.

The IsoPharm is a valued piece of analytical equipment in all stages of operation, from R&D to large scale production. They can be used for both laboratory and online measurement of many parameters or sent to the receiving dock for material identification. The analyzers provide valuable, time-saving analysis on both the R&D scale as well as large volume production scale and process control. . The unit is built to provide the best price/performance value in the NIR field while simultaneously meeting the stringent requirements for pharmaceutical production environments.

The 1000+ industrial plants which use LT-NIR spectrometers have contributed to the elegance of the IsoPharm design. Its features reflect their needs. The analyzer performs even production environments where vibration and non-ambient temperatures and washdown/GMP conditions are the norm. The analyzer is robust, the sample probes are both flexible and strong, the system can be integrated with ease and the software is simple and intuitive. Optical resolution is high, noise levels are low and internal wavelength standardization is frequent. We’ve designed the potential problems out so that you can add the time and cost savings of effective NIR spectroscopy into your operations.

  • Long, protected fiber optics
  • Low noise fiber and probes
  • Multiplexer for many in situ analysis points
  • Remote operation, on-the-spot answers
  • Operator-friendly software - usable at the loading dock
  • Full array of support hardware
  • Supports bar code input and output
  • Standard remote diagnosis feature
  • Low acquisition cost and low usage cost
  • GMP support
  • Validation Packages for DQ-IQ-OQ-PQ
  • Method SOP’s are available
System Components:
  • Rapid-scanning NIR spectrometer with built-in dynamic wavelength referencing system
  • Full array of probes for analysis of bioreactors, powders, solid and liquid materials and process
  • Multiplexer for many analysis points
  • Two-meter (nominal) jacketed fiber optic cable, five meter option, longer cables are available (100+ meters)
  • Computer Interface Software (and DCS interface software for online systems)
  • Installation and on-site training
  • One Year Warranty
  • Complete Documentation including SOP’s and Validation if needed

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