Verum Analytics Agricultural Analyzers

Phoenix - NIR Agricultural Product Analyzer

Feed, Forage and More

Verum Analytics’ agricultural product analyzer is designed for the easy and convenient analysis of Feed, Forage, Grain, and other agriculture products. With both laboratory and online configurations available, the Phoenix will provide key analysis of your natural product parameters.

The Phoenix analyzers are also ideally suited for the needs of the nutraceutical and functional food industries. Requiring little or no sample preparation and only seconds for the analysis, Phoenix systems can provide moisture determination, relative concentrations of active components and best of all, lot-to-lot consistency. The NIR spectrometer at the heart of the Phoenix system has proved its worth for years throughout the food and pharmaceutical industries – determining dextrose equivalence, moisture in chopped flora, concentrations of vitamin intermediates during synthesis – simply and easily.

  • Near-Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy provides both chemical and physical information
  • Pre-done calibrations or use existing calibrations you already have
  • Simplify and reduce laboratory testing procedures
  • Standardize once and run for many months for the same product
  • The system can measure through many unopened container walls even glass jars
  • The test is both fast and non-destructive, does not require reagents
  • Over 40 years providing measurement solutions to hundreds of clients
  • Standard remote diagnosis feature
  • Low acquisition cost and low usage cost
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